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Esa Francesco Cellamaro – was born in Reggio Calabria in 1972. He is an artist appreciated in the world of rap, graffiti and painting.

Esa: rapper and artist

Esa, with a career spanning over twenty years, is one of the most important rappers on the Italian music scene. He has joined historic groups such as OTR and Gente Guasta, a duo made up of Esa aka El Presidente and the Varese rapper (also ex-OTR) Polare. Together with Neffa, La Pina, i Colle, OTR and Sottotono, he has brought an original and funky style to rap, producing more than ten albums and international collaborations, up to his latest album together with Dj Skizo Sangue e Amore.

Esa: exhibitions

In addition to music, Esa has always been active in the world of art, and in particular graffiti. For over thirty years he has been active in the European and New York graffiti art scene under the moniker El Crespo.
In recent years he has started to exhibit his drawings on paper, collages and canvases and in 2020 “Tributes”, his first solo exhibition in Milan, was held. The exhibition, sponsored by Streetartinstore, was hosted inside a 4-star hotel.

Esa: art

Esa’s (singer by training) favourite subjects for his works include many personalities from the world of music, from Hip-Hop legends such as Jay-Z, Slick Rick or Mos Def to black music giants such as Donna Summer and Michael Jackson. In his art, Esa gives a lot of space to fantasy, without losing his iconic style he gives life to mythological characters of his own invention.

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Masito and Esa
March 26th - April 23rd
From Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-2pm, 3pm-7pm

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