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Franco Fasoli JAZ

Franco Fasoli (Buenos Aires, 1981) AKA JAZ, is an Argentinian artist, among the first to make a change from Writing to Street Art. After his studies in ceramics, painting and drawing at the IUNA (Instituto Universitario Naciónal de Arte), he focused on Scenography at the institute of Theater Colón.

Franco Fasoli JAZ asrt: constantly redesign

One of the main features of his latest work is the exploration of different scales and materials for his pieces. From large-format paintings in public spaces to small works on bronze or paper, the fluctuation of contexts and resources has been the fuel of his art. The tension between the global, dominant culture, and the sub-cultures as a space of resistance, has been the subject of study in his work, both at the conceptual level and in his actions throughout his career.

The multiple forms of individual and collective identity are the backbone of the artist’s sociological influence; representing conflict, confrontation and discursive juxtaposition, Franco Fasoli JAZ artist does not intend to answer the question, but rather to constantly redesign the proposal, to question the questioning and to go back to questioning himself.

Most important exhibitions and festivals

The artist over the years has exhibited in numerous countries worldwide, as he participates to international festivals and constantly works towards the productions of mural interventions. Some of the artists festival participations include: Tou Camp Festival in Stavanger (Norway, 2012), Open Walls Festival (USA, 2011) and the Festival Internacional de Muralismo, Strade del Paessaggio, Cosenza (Italy, 2008)

Related Exhibition

Franco Fasoli JAZ
from 11th October 2018 till 7th November 2018
from Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 7pm

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