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Blek le Rat – Stencil Art for Hugo Boss and Puma

Welcome back Street Art Lovers!

In our blog we always try to tell you about our artists in an original and light-hearted way, today we offer an in-depth look at Blek Le Rat, with some tidbits about his career that you probably don’t know!😊

Did you know that Blek Le Rat has collaborated with Puma and Hugo Boss?

They didn’t collaborate to make products, but to take part in artistic events. Let’s find out together!

Blek Le Rat – Puma Urban Art

Since 2008, Puma has organised Puma Urban Art, which has been America’s biggest street art festival for several years, held in Argentina, Peru, Chile and Mexico. Blek Le Rat, one of the most famous stencil artists in the world, was the star of the 2014 edition! On this occasion Blek visited Chile, where he gave lectures and exhibited his stencils together with local artists.

Here is a video of Blek Le Rat in Chile!

Blek Le Rat – Hugo Boss

In 2011, Hugo Boss, the famous German fashion brand, launched an art competition inspired by the creative energy of Berlin. Participants were asked to create stencils based on the city, and guess who was called in as a judge. Blek Le Rat of course! The Parisian artist selected 5 winners who had the opportunity to create their own stencils next to one of his works!

If you want to know more, here is an interview with Blek.

See you soon!🤗