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Tag: art

What are NFTs?

Today we want to talk to you about what is happening in the digital art world. We will try to explain to you as clearly

Doze Green and the B-boys

Today we want to tell you the incredible story of Doze Green, who in addition to being a great artist has a past as a

Street Art boom!

To all curious and aspiring collectors: in this article you will find a brief history of the street art market.  1.200.000… 1.300.000… 1.400.000$! Sold to

The three ballet dancers by Orticanoodles

Today we want to tell you about two beautiful works from the INSIDE exhibition by Orticanoodles at the Francesco Messina Studio Museum (which if you

StenLex – Contemporary engravers

“We are very connected to graphics and printmaking, while not working on multiples, this is what sets our work apart. The destruction of the matrix,

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