From 17th September at the Gallery of Modern Art of Rome
The innovative style of the two renowned Italian Muralists in the exhibition “STEN LEX. Rinascita (Rebirth)”
On exhibition a selection of works and a stencil poster installation in the Gallery’s cloister

From 17th September to 22nd November 2020, the Gallery of Modern Art of Rome will host STEN LEX. Rinascita (Rebirth), an exhibition promoted by Roma Capitale, the Office for the Promotion of Culture – the Capitoline Superintendence for Cultural Heritage and the Wunderkammern gallery, organized in collaboration with Zètema Progetto Cultura.

The project, curated by Wunderkammern, is part of Romarama, a program of cultural events promoted by Roma Capitale.

For the exhibition, that presents a selection of medium-large works among which are stencil posters and prints on paper with iron, wooden and glass supports, the two Italian artists have also produced a stencil poster installation in the cloister of the Gallery as well as another large stencil poster, still in the planning stage, to be installed on the facade and presented to the public at a later date.

Rebirth, renewal and regeneration are just some of the ideals underpinning the innovative style of Sten Lex, the pioneers of stencil posters, that place them among  the most internationally renowned Italian muralists.

Their huge figures with unknown faces and dense abstract patterns are found today on the walls of Paris, New York, London, Shanghai, Barcelona, Mexico City, Madrid and Rome. 

They are dynamic works that come to life over time together with the walls, changing their appearance and getting rid of the original matrices. Giant faces that, unperturbed, survey the street and passers-by, some in busy places, others in hidden and undiscovered urban corners, stencils and posters, pieces of paper that are painted and attached to the walls grow older and change, they die and decompose becoming part of the artwork itself.

Info: tel. 060608 (everyday from 9am to 7pm)