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Chained, May – June 2015

The project “Chained” involved nine different names from the international urban art scene: 2501, Atomo, Borondo, BR1, C215, Max Rippon, Sam3, Sten Lex, Edoardo Tresoldi. In addition to the main exhibition held in two different locations, at the Hangar in Via Amari and the Cervantes Institute of Milan featuring artist works, some of the artists also intervened in the city, putting art in a direct connection with the public space. Two murals were made by 2501 and Max Rippon at Quarto Oggiaro neighbourhood. Borondo together with Eduardo Tresoldi created a combo work at the entrance of the Milan’s Bicocca University. Borondo also presented a temporary installation at the balcony of the main façade of the Cervantes Institute, in Via Dante. The project was part of the activities of “Expo in Città” for the Universal Expo of Milan 2015.