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21st September – 11th  October 2020

From Monday 21st September, Casa degli Artisti, under its residency program, opens its own spaces with a large atelier dedicated to Sten Lex. The duo has been invited by Atelier Spazio Xpò Association, thanks to the contribution of Cariplo Foundation‘s Lacittàintorno program to Urban Art Residency – former Convitto Trotter. The initiative consists in an intervention of participatory planning and the consequent creation of an impressive mural artwork. The mural will be realized on a block of flats overlooking Via Mosso gardens and adjacent to the former Convitto in Trotter Park.

Due to the Covid emergency, in June and July the co-planning activities took place online, with the participation of Sten Lex, Casa degli Artisti, Lacittàintorno, several important socio-educational realities and the citizens.

The project now gets into its operational phase, focused on the concrete realization of the mural. This phase will last about two weeks and citizens will be able to follow it through the social media of the partners involved (Casa degli Artisti, Lacittàintorno, Associazione Atelier Spazio Xpò). Social networks will provide an opportunity to share “behind the scenes” and insights of a different kind.

During the two weeks of residency in Casa degli Artisti’s atelier, Sten Lex will also be available for meetings with citizens and studio visits organized in collaboration with Wunderkammern Art Gallery.

A talk will be held to give back the project to the city in the last days of residency and finishing of the mural. The Councilors of the City of Milan Filippo Del Corno (Culture), Lorenzo Lipparini (Participation, Active Citizenship and Open Data), Pierfrancesco Maran (Urban Planning, Greenery and Agriculture), and the Councilors for Culture Luca Foschi of Municipality 1 and Marzio Nava of Municipality 2, as well as a representative of Cariplo Foundation, will join it.

Sten Lex’s work integrates into a local system centered on art in public space. In fact, numerous graffiti and murals already make up an open-air urban art gallery on the “free walls” of via Pontano railway, Trotter Park and Caravaggio high school. Moreover, there is a collaboration agreement between the Municipality of Milan and B-CAM for Via Mosso gardens, with the project “1, 2, 3 Mosso”. They are carrying out a series of participatory activities together with the local community in order to involve the inhabitants in the supervision of this public area, fundamental for the livability of the neighborhood and connected both to Giacosa primary school and future PuntoCom of former Convitto.

Urban Art Residence ex Convitto Trotter is a project promoted by Atelier Spazio Xpo’ Association, made in collaboration with B-CAM, Casa degli Artisti, Comin, Fabbrica di Olinda, Wunderkammern Art Gallery and other technical partners.

The planning is part of Lacittàintorno, Cariplo Foundation’s program aimed at encouraging inhabitants of fragile neighborhoods to reactivate and give new meaning to available spaces in their area, in order to improve life quality and stimulate new city geographies, through the promotion of cultural and artistic activities in the affected neighborhoods.

For further information about Lacittàintorno program and the different actions promoted in Milan districts consult: www.lacittaintorno.it

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FB: @lacittaintorno | @Casadeglirtistiamilano | @Comunicarearte | @wunderkammerngallery


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