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Alexey Luka

Alexey Luka artist (Moscow, 1983) lives and works in his city. He has studied architecture and he has always appreciated the work of the artists Kazimir Malevich and El Lissitzky, which have influenced his practice.

Alexey Luka art: telling a story

Alexey Luka has indeed a unique and distinguished style, based on geometric abstraction. Using indifferently painting, sculpture and collage according to his needs, he creates colourful puzzles where the colour itself guides the observer in his reconstruction. Geometrical lines and colours interact amongst themselves creating shapes, which suggest something: a face, a landscape, a surreal character, a story, because is what the artist aims to: telling a story, or an entire universe, in an original way.

Most important exhibitions and festivals

Alexey Luka is a very important artist in the Russian contemporary art scene; he has participated in several festivals, exhibitions and projects in his country and worldwide, such as: Entrance №5 at the  RuArts Gallery (Moscow, 2019), Artification (a pilot project of GAMMA festival) in Saint Petersburg, Russia (2017), ARTWALK in Saarbrücken, Germany (2017), WEAART in Aalborg, Denmark (2016), Artmossphere biennale in Moscow, Russia (2016), 6th Marrakeck Biennale 2016 in Marrakech (2016), Le M.U.R. XIII in Paris (2014), and the LGZ Festival in Moscow (2013). In Italy he proposed two interventions at the 2014 Memorie Urbane Festival in Gaeta and participated to festivals such as Viavai Project 2015 (Casarano, Italy, 2015) and Altrove Festival (Catanzaro, Italy, 2016). Alexey Luka also produced Straniera, an impressive mural in Rome for Wunderkammern gallery and he recently created an installation commissioned by Pirelli which was shown at the Hangar Bicocca in Milan and presented by Achille Bonito Oliva.

Related Exhibition

Alexey Luka
from 8 April till 23 May 2015
from Tuesday to Saturday, 11 AM - 7 PM

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