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Simona Frillici

Simona Frillici (Foligno, Perugia, 1966) is an italian artist who explores issues surrounding existence and mankind through painting, photography, videography and installation.

Simona Frillici art: real and artificial

After graduating in 1988 from Perugia Academy of Fine Arts and gaining a degree in painting, Fricilli continued her investigation of her fascination with the idea and the energy aspect of what objects or a still image has lived through. Her work often contradicts what is real compared to what is artificial, which allows the observer to question what is considered genuine and what isn’t.

Her main medium is photography, where she captures fragments of themes such as crime, war, humans and places, aiming to emotionally impress the audience and to leave a mark with the heaviness of the photographic content.

Most important exhibitions

Her works have been exhibited between Italy and America in many galleries, public spaces and art events, to name some: ‘Ex- Voto Suscept’ at Mafonna delle Grazie Chuch, Ucinano (Italy, 2017), “Face to Face / The Maieutic Machine”, Former Prison Montefiascone (2017), Biennial of Viterbo in 2016, ‘Babel’, Schema Projects Gallery, New York (USA, 2016), ‘Rose garden’ at Hortus Artis/ Tangram design, Perugia (Italy, 2015), ‘Diary of an artist’ at the Kino Cinema, Rome (Italy, 2014) and a project called “Angels”  at S.Matteo Armeni Church, Perugia (Italy, 2014).

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