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Solomostry (Milan, 1988) made his debut in the world of street art with graffiti around 2000 and then in 2007 he began to collaborate with a techno club in Milan where he created sets inside the club. From that moment was born Solomostry as we know it today, to make it known, the depictions of nocturnal monsters that he himself says “continue to follow him”, which accompany the viewer from night to dawn.

Solomostry: art

Graduated in graphic design and art direction, he shapes his style with a graphic eye, looking for an impactful and easily recognizable style, no shades or lights and shadows, the research is totally based on the strength of the line, which can be both clean and graphic or totally dirty and dripping, and a strong, vibrant color palette.

The main theme in Solomostry’s poetics is the reworking of monstrous faces and figures through a dirty, rough stroke, with thick passes, enriching the whole with tonal contrasts, effectively supported by bright tones and perfect chromatic balances. The impression is that of a peculiar cross-section, capable of deepening and effectively outlining the entire varied emotional spectrum of the human being, collected within faces closer to masks, or simply able to represent our true nature well.

Solomostry: technique

Before working as an artist, after university he worked two years in a screen printing studio where he still prints his screen prints by hand, and customizes limited editions of clothes. In addition to screen printing, his production varies from painting, sculpture (wood, metal and ceramics) and muralism.

Related Exhibition

October 22nd - November 26th
From Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-2pm, 3pm-7pm

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