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Banksy – The Art of Rebellion

Welcome back Street Art Lovers! Today we have some exciting news! 

We are delighted to be partners in a brand new film project: Banksy – The Art of Rebellion is in all cinemas on May 24th, 25th and 26th, 2021.

Banksy- The Art of Rebellion is a film produced by Spiritlevel, an independent studio by Tom O’Dell and Elio España that chronicles the rise of one of the kings of street art: Banksy

But who is Banksy? 

Starting from the first graffiti in his Bristol in the 90s to the most recent interventions, the film traces the life of the mysterious artist telling the background of a dazzling career. 

The art of Banksy

Subversive, provocative, irreverent and courageous, with his artworks Banksy has been challenging the system for years, changing it forever. 

With a compelling narrative, the viewer is catapulted into the world of the British artist, whose identity is still unknown, even listening to interviews with his closest collaborators, such as Steve Lazarides, Ben Eine, John Nation and several street artists such as Felix “Fix” Braun, KET & Scape and Risk

This, unlike other Banksy films, for the first time tells his life in chronological order, allowing the audience to get to know him more closely and appreciate his rebellious genius. 

We’ve watched it, and what are you waiting for, aren’t you curious? 😉