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Blek le Rat – David sur palissade

In this article we are going to discover a special work by Blek Le Rat, David AK-47!

Let’s start with the support. The work is made sur palissade, literally “on a palisade”. Imagine the white-painted wooden fence of a typical American house and you will understand what we are talking about.

Let’s discover together all the subjects represented in this work!

1. Michelangelo vs. Blek Le Rat | David with kalashnikov

Who does not know Michelangelo’s David? A star of art history and the protagonist of our artwork. Blek Le Rat has redesigned him with his stencils and put a Kalashnikov in his arms. 

A powerful and communicative image, especially if we think that David avec AK-47 was presented for the first time on Propaganda (2016), Blek Le Rat’s solo exhibition in Milan.

2. Blek Le Rat | Woman with a smartphone

Moving to the right, we encounter another character covered by a large drapery that looks like something out of an ancient painting. Her mouth is wide open, and she is holding an iPhone – is she looking at something on her smartphone?

Blek Le Rat | Collage of putti

Sulla porzione superiore della nostra palissade troviamo infine un collage con due putti, uno sorridente e l’altro aggrappato ad una colonna con le sue gambe paffutelle. Intorno strappi di carte colorate, tratti da giornali e riviste. 

On the upper portion of our palissade we find a collage with two putti, one smiling and the other clinging to a column with his chubby legs. All around are scraps of coloured paper from newspapers and magazines.

Blek Le Rat | Art and artworks

David avec AK-47 is a work that encompasses a universe of characters, from the most iconic of Blek’s work – such as the David – to the rarest, such as the woman with the iPhone. 

What also makes this work unique is the variety of techniques used by Blek Le Rat: stencil, sanguine and collage, all on the same surface to create a extraordinary result!

If you want to find out more about Blek, you can read his biography and many more insights on our blog!