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Emiliano Ponzi * Moleskine * Lamborghini

Welcome back to our Street Art blog 🙂

Today we want to tell you about another very interesting collaboration: Emiliano Ponzi x Moleskine x Lamborghini!

The talented illustrator Emiliano Ponzi has indeed participated in an exclusive project with the luxury car giant Lamborghini: the release of the brand new 2021 diary.

Moleskine Diary 2021

Lamborghini has once again commissioned leading diary and notebook manufacturer Moleskine to create their personal diary. Artist Emiliano Ponzi illustrated this beautiful Lamborghini Limited Edition diary, enriched with warm colours, orange, yellow and red, creating a timeless icon, just like Lamborghini cars!

Ponzi’s illustrations tell the story of a journey through the pages of the diary, from a chaotic city to an unspoilt natural environment, inspired by the emotions aroused by driving a Lamborghini Huracàn EVO.

We love it! What about you? 😉

Emiliano Ponzi x Lamborghini x Moleskine credits Lamborghini