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Emiliano Ponzi x Barilla

Emiliano Ponzi x Barilla: in March Barilla involved 11 illustrators in a beautiful and delicious project!

Barilla between art and sustainability together with Emiliano Ponzi and others

«Grani D’Autore: dalla semina al raccolto del grano duro Barilla» is the project that involved 11 internationally renowned illustrators to tell, through art, the company’s eco-sustainable work, for a pasta made with 100% Italian Selected Durum Wheat

Among the eleven works we find one by Emiliano Ponzi in which a wheat field dominates under a blue sky, with a cloud in the background and a farmer holding and looking at an ear of wheat. In the image, nature is placed at the center, representing Barilla’s choice to adopt a responsible, sustainable and quality agricultural supply chain. In addition, the artist also created the cover of the playlist created by Barilla on Spotify, “Timeless Emotion Fusilli”.

An exhibition between the web and Triennale Milano

The 11 works were exhibited in a virtual exhibition and then landed at the Milan Triennale enriched with an immersive and sensorial journey.

Emiliano Ponzi is one of the most popular graphic artists of the moment, in fact he is often called upon for collaborations with international brands and publishing houses.