The project myFINBEC started in 2012 from Yvo Mathier, the owner of Cave Fin Bec located in Sion (Canton of Valais, Switzerland) and his passion for art. Cave Fin Bec produces high quality organic wine; in 2012, it won five gold medals for its wines in the largest wine competition in the world, the AWC International Wine Challenge. With the aim of combining wine and art in one, unique, experience, myFINBEC invited some of the most important Urban Art artists from all over the world to create artworks on Cave Fin Bec wine cases. Each single artwork was painted on a wall formed by 84 cases, which contained each one six bottles of wine; on their labels, the artistic image of the work was reproduced. The myFINBEC project did a European Tour with a series of four-day pop-up shows held in various international cities, and was hosted in Rome by Wunderkammern gallery. At the show eight murals were presented, each measuring over three meters high by two meters wide. Visitors were able to purchase sections of the original art in the form of wood wine cases. These wood cases were later filled with six bottles of Cave Fin Bec’s organic red and white wine. Also available at the art show were limited edition signed art prints of each painting.

The four artists presented by myFINBEC 2014 and Wunderkammern were: C215, Etam Cru, Herakut and Vhils.

C215 (Christian Guémy, France, 1973), artist represented by Wunderkammern, uses the stencil technique to give voice to the protagonists of the street and to contextualize themes from Renaissance and classic tradition in the present. At the exhibition Au-delà du Street-Art at Musée de la Poste in Paris, he exposed together with artists such as Banksy, Invader and Shepard Fairey; in 2013, Wunderkammern dedicated to C215 a solo-show.

Etam Cru is the duo of Polish artists Bezt and Sainer; graduated in Fine Arts, their work ranges from Urban Art to illustration, and graphic design. Their production tells about surreal stories, through characters which find themselves in unexpected contexts; the observer is invited to relate with these figures with curiosity.

Herakut is a duo of German street artists, Hera and Akut; since 2004 they combine their talents to create stories of imaginary worlds, populated by figures inspired with individual characters. In particular, Hera creates their forms and proportions, while Akut paints the photorealistic elements. Together, the duo has realized exhibitions and performances all over the world.

Vhils (Alexandre Farto, 1987) is a Portuguese artist internationally known. An engraving master, he works on different layers of the mural surface, as well as on wood or metal. Vhils developed his engraving techniques, arriving at a new sophisticated method consisting in micro-explosions that carve the wall, letting emerge the artist’s anonymous faces.