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Google Arts and Culture: Street Art!

In this new article we want to tell you about a very special platform that you have surely already heard about: Google Arts and Culture!

Google Arts and Culture was born in 2001 and is a vast virtual archive of images of works of art in very high resolution. These works are kept in the most important museums in the world, but are made accessible by Google thanks to a system of vir-tual tours in high definition.

How did Google collect all this valuable information? Simple, it has created a hyper-technological camera, the Art Camera, which has introduced in museums such as the Metropolitan Museum in New York, Versailles, the Uffizi in Florence and the Tate Gallery in London, photographing the works with a resolution of about 7 billion pixels! Incredible, isn’t it?

It is thanks to this technological app that today we can explore from our couch the most interesting art places in the world. Through the EXPLORE tool you can identify a series of art places to visit virtually through the Street View function.

Arts and Culture also allows you to train your curiosity, with ad hoc games for real art lovers, such as quizzes!
With the HERE NEAR button, hidden gems are located nearby, allowing us to contin-ue learning.

Could a tool like Google Arts and Culture not reserve a special space for our beloved Street Art? Of course not, that’s why there is a special link with a large interactive map.

We can thus discover a multitude of Street Art works around us, from the “legend-ary” to the most recent ones, in a huge virtual gallery that makes us delve into all the background of this beautiful universe! Emerging artists flank the pioneers of the Urban Art movement, with videos, online exhibitions and audio tours.

Through a series of project collections, we have access to the works of the best art-ists, among which of course appear our Shepard Fairey OBEY, one of the fathers of Street Art Blek Le Rat, the Urban Artist Invader and many others!

What are you waiting for? Start exploring with this incredible tool!