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Welcome back to our street art blog! Today we will talk about a wonderful initiative that also involved one of our favorite artists: JonOne! It is the Parisian project Hôpital Éphémère.

Hopital Éphémère

In 1990, the Hôpital Éphémère project was born in Paris. With the permission of the owners (the Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris), two 25-year-olds, Caroline Andrieux and Christophe Pasquet, made the abandoned Bretonneau hospital a center of fervent artistic activity in all its forms.

In the hospital structure they have created 50 artist studios as well as exhibition rooms, laboratories for photographers, recording studios, rehearsal rooms for concerts. There were also rooms for dance, theater, and spaces for stylists and designers workshops. For 7 years two hundred artists were able to express themselves freely and emerge.

At the time, having a studio at the Hôpital Éphémère was a nice business card. Thanks to this residence, a dozen artists have managed to be successful. An effective network of contacts had been created with galleries, press and collectors and also with the Ministry of Culture.

JonOne artist at the Hôpital Éphémère

Our artist JonOne from New York moved to Paris in 1987 and his style evolved and his art moved to the canvas. He enters the world of the Hôpital Éphémère and his works approach Abstract Expressionism. For his artworks JonOne is inspired by the dynamism and vitality of the city, they are explosions of energy, thanks to the continuous intersection of lines and the extreme brilliance of the colors he uses.

His artistic production carried out in the context of the Hôpital Éphémère recalls his characteristic works for the bright colors and the vitality of the continuous lines. Works that have captured the attention of renowned companies such as Guerlain, Air France, Lacoste and Perrier with whom JonOne has entertained interesting collaborations, which you can read about on our blog!

If you would like to know more about this really interesting artist, do not hesitate to contact us at wunderkammern@wunderkammern.net or visit us at our galleries in Rome and Milan! And keep following us, some surprises are coming for you!