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Jef Aerosol’s portraits

Welcome back to our Street Art blog! Today we want to talk to you about one of the most influential figures in our world: Jef Aerosol!

Born in 1957, Jef Aerosol was a teenager in the midst of the punk wave, thus undergoing the influence of important events and also of various changes between fashion, music and art. Without a computer or television, Jef listened passionately to the radio: Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin. Even as a musician, Jef had his idols, of which he hung posters in his room. Growing up, he moved his idols from the inner walls of his room to the outer walls of cities.

Jef Aerosol Art

But what interests Jef Aerosol is the humanity of the subjects he paints. So whether they are stencils of famous people or anonymous faces seen in passing on the street, it makes no difference. They are all human beings and the result is always the representation of a face that expresses something, no matter who it belongs to. Artist Jef Aerosol plays with the famous and the unknown, laughter and tears, joy of living and inner malaise. The stencil technique allows him to create solids and voids, as Jef says “with some traces of black and white you can find someone’s humanity”. Jef Aerosol artworks are all characterized by a red arrow, as enigmatic as a chance encounter on the street can be, it is there as if to underline a detail.

The art of Jef Aerosol can be admired while wandering around Rome or Paris, where the huge chut mural is located, and in many other cities around the world.

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