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JonOne: performer artist

Welcome back to our Street Art blog!

On September 7 and 8, 2021 something amazing happened at Wunderkammern Gallery: two performances by the artist JonOne!

If you didn’t manage to see them or follow them on our social networks… we will tell you about them 🙂

JonOne skateboard installation, live performance

On the occasion of the opening of his solo exhibition Vibrations, JonOne, French graffiti artist of Dominican origin, returned to Italy and opened his solo exhibition with an incredible performance.

An hour of pure energy and entertainment during which John Andrew Perello worked on 27 skateboards – red, blue and black – set up on our gallery wall. With white ink, he affixed his JonOne Rock tag.

JonOne has transformed common skateboards into works of art, signed and limited edition!

B0 130, Microbo and JonOne: works by six hands

A real out of program was instead the outdoor performance of Wednesday 8 when the street artist met with his friends Bo 130 and Microbo to create two magnificent canvases 100 x 150 cm. For these canvases John chose to use black ink, departing from the explosions of color of Vibrations’ works. From the combination of the styles of the three street artists, who worked together with good music in the background, were born the canvases signed Bo 130, Microbo and JonOne. Extraordinary works!

Haven’t had a chance to visit the JonOne – Vibrations exhibition yet? We are waiting for you in the gallery until October 9th!

Feel free to contact us if you would like to add JonOne’s artwork and skateboards to your collection!

Have a nice day Street Art lovers 🙂