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“To me, TUMI is synonymous with travel, freedom and discovery of the world. Nowadays, environmental issues are at the heart of freedom and as such, freedom is being jeopardized. This is sad. I wish each human being could be as free mentally and physically as possible. I am very proud to support W4W projects through TUMI, so that water can feed our lives, feed our freedom and can continue to make life and its colors vibrate” – JonOne

Welcome back to our Street Art blog 🙂

Today we want to tell you about another collaboration of one of our favorite artists, the street artist JonOne!

In addition to the collaborations that the American artist has made with major brands such as Perrier, Lacoste and Air France, JonOne has collaborated with the brand of luggage and luxury accessories TUMI.

This partnership, however, was born from a very specific need: to raise funds to build clean water wells and thus provide access to clean water to many people in need.

JonOne has in fact transformed three TUMI suitcases into true works of art. The iconic TUMI “19 Degree” model has been auctioned off to benefit the Waves 4 Water (W4W) association.

Bold colors, disruptive shapes, characterize the production of the artist JonOne, this time together with TUMI to celebrate the art of travel (and freedom!).

Once again John Perello proves to be an artist up to every expectation, able to transport the magic of his art in every context.

Waiting to discover new collaborations, keep following us 🙂