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Shepard Fairey – We the People

Good morning Street Art Lovers!

In this article we will tell you about one of Shepard Fairey‘s most important projects: We the People!

Shepard Fairey (OBEY) and civil rights

Since Obama’s portrait, Shepard Fairey has never hesitated to express his position and has always stood up for civil rights.

In 2017, shortly after Donald Trump’s election to the White House, Shepard was concerned about the climate of intolerance and the divisive tone of political discourse, so he decided to contribute to a campaign that would remind people that there is only one humanity and many ways to be an American. 

Together with Amplifier, a non-profit foundation that promotes social change through art, Shepard Fairey created We the People.

Shepard Fairey artworks – We the People

Portraits of African American, Muslim, and Latin American women have become the symbolic faces of the campaign! Shepard Fairey chose to depict these women because they belong to groups that were in danger of not being protected and marginalised by the new administration.

Shepard Fairey’s message is loud and clear: we are all Americans. All the portraits are created in tones of blue, white and red that reflect the US flag. Even the words “We the People” are simple and incisive, the first three of the American Constitution!

Shepard Fairey (OBEY) made these images downloadable and reproducible free of charge via his website. They have become posters and billboards used across America during demonstrations calling for a more inclusive state and equal rights for all minorities.

We hope we’ve intrigued you, keep following us and as Shepard would say “RISE ABOVE“!