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Limitless, September 2014 – June 2015

The project explored the concept of “limit” in its diverse forms and manifestations. From territorial frontiers that divide a single interconnected environmental system, to the physical and intangible perimeters of our body and mind. From social boundaries that define the accepted and the unaccepted, to emotional mechanisms that often lead us to set short-sighted objectives. These limits mark a comfort zone, a temporary safe-haven that blinds us from limitless possibilities. In acknowledging such potential, we initiate our continuous struggle to always surpass boundaries, break artificial restrictions and ultimately face the actual edge of our personal self and those of any group dynamics. Art is a unique vehicle for this attainment: limitless by definition, art ruptures barriers and invite us to reflect about our limitless reality.

Each artist was invited to investigate this topic with specific interventions in the public space and new original artworks. Sam3’s “La Barca” and “Uomo-chiave”, L’Atlas’ “Untitled I” and “Untitled II”, Sten Lex’s “Untitled”, Alexey Luka’s “Straniera”, and 2501’s “Intersection were the mural interventions created for the project of the artistic season 2014 – 2015.