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Sten Lex: Rome – Space Metropoliz

Welcome back to our Street Art blog! Today we want to tell you about a multicultural initiative that our artists Sten Lex have joined: Space Metropoliz.

Space Metropoliz Rome

The city where Sten and Lex live (Rome) hosts the Space Metropoliz co-housing project. The Metropoliz is a socio-housing space, a film and art site in the heart of the Roman suburbs, in Tor Sapienza.

The building, which once housed a salami factory, has been occupied by about 200 people, including migrants, temporary workers and homeless families, who have made the old factory their home. They have renovated and reorganised the space, turning it into a culturally active place open to the city. In addition to being a centre of fervent social and cultural activity, the Metropoliz houses the MAAM, the Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere of Metropoliz, a mestizo city.

MAAM – the Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere_mestizo city, Via Prenestina, Rome, credits laRepubblica

Sten Lex: Street Art

Together with other members of the street art scene, Sten Lex have worked closely with the community that has settled in the disused sausage factory, creating links through the language of art. Our artists have always participated in initiatives in occupied spaces, spaces of opportunity for them, in which they have had the opportunity to test themselves by creating works on very large surfaces. This was the case of the Metropoliz tower on Via Prenestina, on which in a fortnight they created the portrait of a man looking up at the moon, the general theme of the entire project. Made with their characteristic stencil poster, this portrait however inaugurates a new style. In fact, the final work does not appear from the usual parallel lines, but looks like an artist’s quick sketch, almost scribbled.

Have you ever come across the works of Sten Lex? Extraordinary works can be seen in Rome, Milan, London and many other cities!
If you are curious and want to know more, contact us at wunderkammern@wunderkammern.net or come and visit us in our galleries in Rome and Milan! See you next time!🤩