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The Cans Festival 2008 – Banksy, artwork and mystery

Hello street art lovers! Have you ever heard of the mysterious The Cans Festival?

The Cans Festival 2008 is a street art festival that took place in London, in the Waterloo area, on the weekend of May 3rd to 5th, 2008. Organized by the very famous and controversial British artist Banksy, the festival included the most important protagonists of international street art. The space? A disused tunnel on Leake Street once used by the Eurostar, under Waterloo station. This tunnel was known as one of the least inviting places in the city, used by many as a “public toilet”.

The Cans Festival: artists

On this occasion, the space was enclosed and Banksy invited 40 street artists from around the world to work on the walls of the tunnel. Obviously many of our artists answered to the call: we are talking about Blek Le Rat, Sten & Lex, C215, Orticanoodles of course!

Thanks to Banksy, artworks of spectacular beauty came to life, contributing to write a new chapter in street art.

The public flocked in large numbers, and the entire area was completely transformed, becoming a cultural meeting place and a symbol of urban redevelopment through art, attracting tourists from all over the world. It was in this very area that Banksy set up the temporary cinema for the release of his film Exit through the Gift Shop (which we talked about in our blog!). 

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