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The Miaz Brothers technique

Welcome back to our Street Art blog 🙂

We’re back with an insight into two of our favorite artists, Miaz Brothers!

As we have already briefly anticipated, the art of Miaz Brothers focuses, especially in recent years, on portraiture

After years of study and research all over the world, The Miaz Brothers land on one last technique (for now!) that they feel is perfect for communicating their art: airbrush on canvas. 

What is the airbrush? 

Born at the end of the 19th century, it’s a small tool, a sort of nib, that is used to spray paint through a compressor. Thanks to this airbrush, it is possible to produce very precise lines, shades and color fields. 

The airbrush requires the utmost precision and manual dexterity, but it can produce true wonders. Only the most experienced artists have mastered this technique, Miaz Brothers use it on large canvases and the use of spray paint has an important meaning for them: “We use it to represent the fact that we are composed of infinite, constantly evolving particles that change in step with the complex reality that surrounds us“.

In short, we still have a lot to discover about these talented artists who always amaze us, so stay with us for more! See you soon 😉