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Gonzalo Borondo (Valladolid, 1989) is among the most internationally recognized urban artists and his unique public interventions are visible all over the world.

Borondo art: a true painter of our time

Grown up in Segovia, he later moved to Madrid strengthening his relationship with graffiti. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and in Madrid, where he met the painter Jose Garcia Herranz who introduced him to the Old masters of painting. Mixing installation and graffiti Borondo approaches Street Art and the public space with an innovative way. The artist has developed his own artistic language experimenting with different techniques, such as oil painting, charcoal and tempera and using a variety of supports: from hay bales, to windows, to large-scale facades. Today he is widely famous for his unique glass scratching technique. Borondo, a true painter of our time, approaches his subjects, often human figures, with an expressionistic, powerful and poetical way.

Most important exhibitions

Borondo has exhibited in personal shows in Rome, Madrid, Paris and London and participated in numerous Street Art festivals such as Urban Nation (Berlin, 2016), Mural Social Club (Kiev, 2016), Muro-Festival de Arte Urbana LX_2016 (Lisbon, 2016) and Outdoor festival (Rome, 2012).

In 2018 he has created Non Plus Ultra, an installation for the namesake exhibition in collaboration with the MACRO, where the public was able to witness the creative process of the artist, who screen printed on fifty-two glass plates.

Related Exhibition

2501, Atomo, Borondo, BR1, C215, Max Rippon, Sam3, Sten Lex, Edoardo Tresoldi
from 30 June till 31 July 2015
from Tuesday to Saturday, 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

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