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Gianni Asdrubali


Gianni Asdrubali (Tuscania, 1955) is famous for his pivotal participation in the movement Astrazione Povera created in 1985 by the art critic Filiberto Menna together with the artists Antonio Capaccio, Bruno Querci, Lucia Romualdi, Mariano Rossano and Rocco Salvia.

Gianni Asdrubali: art beyond the visible

In his production, the artist took a different direction from the main artistic currents of his time: since the beginning of his career in the 80s, he was interested in the notion of the void, in contrast with the predominant themes of the artistic scenery he was part of. Il Muro magico was his first significant artwork: white walls were filled up with signs that created a dialogue with the emptiness.

From the very start of his work, the painter established a peculiar relationship with the canvas and the walls: as symbol of void, Gianni Asdrubali had to face the challenge of the physical boundaries of those pillars by reacting to their features. The space was considered in an innovative, unexplored way. The final effect is a gesture which combines both the impetuous action of the artist and the geometrical, black or chromatic brushes, suggesting shapes going beyond the visible and originating new dimensions.

Most important exhibitions

The artist has participated in many exhibitions in international contexts. He has participated in the 43rd Venice Biennale and his artworks have been shown in major international galleries in Europe and abroad. In 2000 he exhibited with the artist Enrico Castellani at the Arte Studio Invernizi gallery in Milan. Gianni Asdrubali has presented artworks in many major museums around Italy, including, the MACRO in Rome, Museo Arte Gallarate MAGA of Gallarate and Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza.

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Gianni Asdrubali, Tea Giobbio, Walter Vallini
from 3rd October till 8th November 2009
from Wednestady to Saturday, 5 – 8 PM

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