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Luca Padroni

Luca Padroni (Roma, 1973) is a significant painter in contemporary Italian art scenery. After having studied and graduating in Art and Design in Canterbury, Padroni won a Fulbright scholarship that allowed him to spend six months in San Francisco Art Institute, USA.

Luca Padroni art: an intimate quest

The artist is particularly attracted to the possibilities through which his elaborated experiences can be transposed on canvas, as for him the sign remains the greatest and primordial gesture of men. In his paintings he expresses an intimate quest, as his abstract paintings, with their dark blue backgrounds where circular lighter shapes are inserted, resemble a picture from a satellite portrayed in a softer way, not aiming to be realistic. The human figure is not traceable in Padroni’s artworks: he reflects on the intimacy of the individual, and a figurative representation would not be as mysterious or spiritual as blurry landscapes and it would be impossible to start an inner travel from that point. The artist’s paintings have a romanticised quality to them, as the depicted natural elements of the artwork is blurred with the rest of its environments, allowing human beings to retreat and listen to the disclosure of their feelings. Through the portrayal of Astral Landscapes, he takes into consideration an aspect that has always distinguished mankind: the will of discovering the notions that have been denied, striving for understanding what goes beyond the sky and reality.

Luca Padroni was also a finalist in the Terna Prize in 2010 and his works are part of several public collections, including the Certosa di San Lorenzo, Padula, the Municipal Museum of San Gimignano and the Capitoline Museums in Rome.

Most important exhibitions

The artist has participated to many exhibitions internationally, such as Provare e riprovare, Mostra d’Oltremare, Naples (2011); Fuori Tema, XIV edizione della Quadriennale di Roma, Galleria Nazionale (2005); Oltre il Trompe l’Oeil, Galleria L’Attico (2010) and Spirit, Galleria Marte (2008), both in Rome; Mithos, Miti e Archetipi nel Mediterraneo, Contemporary National Art Gallery, Tirana (2007); Milano Africa, Fabbrica del Vapore (2005), With Love, Palazzo Arengario (2002), both in Milan and Let me see you, Pantheon Gallery, Nicosia, Cipro (2002).

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