Titled / Untitled aimed at investigating the conscious or unconscious nature of the work of art through the presence or the absence of its title. For many artists, it is in fact necessary an incipit, a literary and philosophical input from which the creative moment springs, a volunteer choice to cross a determined formal path. For others, instead, during the genesis of the work it is necessary a detachment from literary grips and mental radio beacons that might direct the work toward a precise trail manifesting the invasive presence of conscience.

These opposite creative mechanisms were introduced to the insignia of the oppositions and the differences that represent the artistic activity itself. The exhibition included a selected group of fundamentally conceptual artists from the Sixties to our days whose works are tightly related to the title, or they can only be understood on condition that the viewer reads the explanation that always accompanies the work; a second group of artists starting from the end of the Sixties to today, whose works “Without Title” offer themselves in their pure and simple presentation leaving the freedom for their interpretation and understanding to the viewer. The works exhibited offered to the viewers the rare and limited privilege to admire the fertile creative pulse coming from dissimilar artistic generations divided in two precise listings.