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MP5 is and Italian artist, born in Naples, who currently lives and works in Rome. She studied theatrical scenography in Bologna and animation at the Wimbledon School of Art in London.

MP5 street art: critical and politically engaged vision

MP5 is widely known for her images in black and white which give shape to contemporary myths that underlie a critical and politically engaged vision of reality. Very active in the European underground and counterculture scene, she has closely linked her work during the last decade to the queer and feminist movement. MP5 works with different techniques and mediums: from illustrations for newspapers and magazines to posters for political demonstrations, from drawings to video / audio animations.

Most important exhibitions and festivals

Her public mural works can be seen on the streets of many cities, in countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia and Sweden. MP5’s artworks have been exhibited in relevant national and international festivals and art institutions, such as the XII Biennal of European and Mediterranean Young Artists, the Triennale di Milano and the MACRO. Among his latest participations are La Condition Publique (Roubaix, France, 2017), LE M.U.R de Saint Etienne (France, 2016) and the installation and theatrical project PANDROGENY at Theatre National de Bruxelles (Brussels, Belgium, 2017). MP5 has collaborated in the UK with Lazarides gallery and in France with the designer and gallerist Agnès B. MP5 was also one of the Italian artists invited to the La Tour 13 project in Paris and her works have appeared in numerous international publications including Le Monde Diplomatique, Vogue, Wooster Collective, Juxtapoz. She is currently working together with Gucci on “Chime for Change”, a global campaign for gender equality.

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