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Rero (1983) is a French artist, internationally known for his in situ works in the cities’ streets.

Rero art: the “negation of the image”

His work focuses on language, long or short painted sentences are placed in areas of the city where words find their sense. The artist’s interventions are always contextualized: his words find a meaning only in a specific place. The artist plays with the notion of private property, relating this concept to both art and the individual. In his urban interventions, Rero uses the Verdana typeface, the most used in the web due to its universal compatibility. The artist develops a critical attitude towards the unstoppable, undesired advertising campaigns by the “negation of the image”, deleting, crossing out his own work in a sort of auto-censorship.

In his intervention Do not cross the line at the Centre George Pompidou in Paris (2013), he questioned the boundaries between public and private domain, trying to reduce the distance between external and interior space and giving everybody the possibility to get closer to art.

Most important exhibitions and festivals

His works have been shown in numerous public and private spaces, including Pompidou Center, Musée en Herbe and Musée de la Poste, Confluences in Paris and Antje Øklesund (Berlin). Rero has participated to many exhibitions, such as, Mind Over Matter… at BACKSLASH Gallery (Paris,2019 ); Songs Without Words… at Fabien Castanier Gallery (Miami, 2018); Tomeselo Personal at the Fabien Castanier Gallery, Bogota (Colombia, 2016); Image Manquante at L’Hybride in Lille (2009) and Word Project at London College of Communication (2007). Other exhibitions, the artist has participated in are: 40 Years of Street Art, Condition Publique Art Center in France, 2017; Urban Art Biennale 2015, Völklingen and Um Panorama Urbano, Caixa Cultural, in Rio de Janeiro, 2014; Festival A-PART.

Related Exhibition

Mark Jenkins, Rero
from 20th September 2017 till 28th October 2017
from Tuesday to Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM.
from 30 November till 25 January 2014
from Tuesday to Saturday, 11 AM - 7 PM

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