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Biancoshock at the Popularte Festival Corsica

Welcome back to our Street Art blog!

Today we want you to discover one of the latest projects of artist Biancoshock. This summer, in June, our artist flew to the mountains of Corsica to participate in the Popularte Festival, do you know what it is?

Popularte Festival Corsica

Born in 2019, Popularte Festival Corsica is a cultural and social event that brings Street Art to the rural areas of Corsica where contemporary culture struggles to arrive. The artists invited to participate in the latest edition are all avant-garde and activists; among them, the Milanese artist Biancoshock could certainly not be missed with his three site-specific works 🙂

Biancoshock: Google Car

Google Car is Fra Biancoshock‘s first intervention and is also part of the larger Biancoshock / de Hoop project. For five years, without ever meeting, the two artists have been assigning each other themes on which to create urban art works. For this festival, de Hoop challenged Biancoshock to make a work about the passing of time… let’s see what he created!

Biancoshock transformed an abandoned car into a Google car, Street View cars that film and map the streets to keep Google Maps up to date. Google cars often pass through towns and cities, but the last one (or perhaps only) passed through Corsica back in 2009! So, time is running in every place, but at different speeds: in small villages, nothing is updated in real time like in big cities.

A curiosity? On the bonnet of the Google car, Biancoshock has reproduced a map of the place to help visitors find their way around… but the sculpture is outside the mapped streets.

Biancoshock: Why Fire?

Returning to the familiar roads of the Niolu valley and stopping at the water tank of the Municipality of Lozzi (Corsica), one can see a large circular platform with the inscription Why Fire? in the background of the logo of the Wi-Fi network. This is another site-specific work that Biancoshock has created ad hoc for the festival with the aim of drawing attention to the care that each of us should have for our environmental heritage. Every year, in fact, hectares of vegetation are destroyed by fires caused by man.

Biancoshock: Urbs Uber

Finally, near the small village of Corscia, on the side of a dirt road lost in the mountains, we come across a skeleton-rider of Uber Eats carrying a bicycle with a flat tyre. With the work Urbs Uber, Biancoshock represents and denounces all those processes of emigration that force young people to move to the cities in search of new opportunities, which then turn out to be alienating and underpaid jobs, where the product is more important than the well-being of the worker himself.

Once again, the ironic and provocative artist Biancoshock has offered us three important points of reflection with his public art works that reinterpret typical objects of western pop culture.

Street Art Lovers, keep following us for many more updates on our artists’ projects! 🙂