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Doze Green – The metaphysical dancer

Once upon a time there was New York in the 1970s. The policemen chased the writers who left ever larger writings on the trains, hip-hop exploded in nightclubs and break dancers challenged each other on the dance floors as well as in the ring. Among these was the Rock Steady Crew, the break dance crew that has become a legend, and among its top dancers there was Doze Green. But who is Doze Green?

Doze Green is the son of his time, he is both a fabulous break dancer and a graffiti artist, he begins at a very young age to experiment with the techniques of writing on the shutters, the wagons, the abandoned buildings of the Bronx. Hit the right turns, Doze Green. He attended the greats of that time: Warhol, Haring and Basquiat, followed in the footsteps of the legendary Rammellzee and DONDI White, undisputed pioneers of Graffiti Art. The boy is particularly good, especially at representing figures as well as written and integrating them into his tags, he succeeds thus to develop a unique style over the years, destined to become an inspiration for all the other Street artists.

From his experiments anthropomorphic and zoomorphic characters are born and evolve, he calls them “biological entities”, which gradually populate his canvases without interruption. Doze Green’s brushwork is as dynamic as a break dance move and as fluid as a jazz piece, as precise as Japanese calligraphy and as graphic as a hip-hop record cover. Attracted by the magical and the irrational, he incorporates his sensitivity for spirituality and the otherworldly into his works, integrating occult symbols, sacred forms, myths and divinities of ancient and forgotten cultures. Art, in his philosophy, is the mirror of humanity, and his works represent its past, present and future. His creatures are scattered, hollowed out entities. The “invisible”, masks without gaze, complex and multifaceted figures like our interiority that evolves continuously. Impossible to remain indifferent in front of one of his works: calligraphy, painting and music come together at first glance and drag the viewer into another reality, larger than the material one.

Today Doze Green lives in Brazil and continues his artistic production both on canvas and on walls, without ever ceasing to experiment with new techniques and media and to exhibit in galleries all over the world.