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The Others Art Fair – Wunderkammern in Turin!

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Our concept
Un-urban. Three Italian visions.

By taking part in The Others, Wunderkammern wishes to explore three different Italian expressions of urban art whose aim is the same: to dialogue with the environment and create a bond with the spectator.

Biancoshock creates public art interventions with a strong visual impact and great media resonance. The city is his field of action, and his works aim to offer new food for thought on the reality that surrounds us. 

Sten Lex have been working with stencils since 2001 and are considered pioneers of this technique in Italy. Sometimes the final effect in their works is given by atmospheric agents.

2501‘s production goes from videos to paintings, from organic elements to sculptures made of materials they find directly on the street. 

Also in the rest of the world with David de la Mano, Dan Witz and Thomas Canto we see how Urban Art takes on various forms to dialogue with an ever wider public. 

The fair
The Others Art Fair

The Others is the main Italian fair dedicated to emerging national and international art; a project born ten years ago with the aim of intercepting and enhancing the language of the new generations. It is a fundamental event of Turin’s Contemporary Art Week given his unique exhibition system that aims to rediscover abandoned places of Turin and establish a direct dialogue between innovative artistic proposals and the public.