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Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins (1970, Virginia, USA) is internationally well-known for his street interventions, in particular for his extraordinary sculptures which have populated cities throughout the world. An urban stage which hits the passer-by, sculptures placed in uncommon situations and positions, embedded into the space of everyday life creating a surreal and enigmatic landscape

Mark Jenkins: art

Using transparent tape as casting material to reproduce human figures and objects, the artist places his works where they can create an impact on people. For this reason, he considers the street as a stage, and its regulars are unconscious actors whose reactions are documented. The peculiarity rolex replica in his work is the unavoidable and essential relationship established between artist and audience. Thought-provoking, imaginative and grotesque in some cases, the site-specific works by Mark Jenkins give people a chance to react, and to reflect on social as well as political issues

Most important exhibitions

His work has been exhibited from New York to Barcelona, from Tokyo to Moscow.  Notable projects and exhibitions the artist has partaken in are: Mark Jenkins: Remix, Arsenal Contemporary Art (Montreal, 2016), ‘Knock Knock’, Ruttkowski;68, (Cologne, 2016), Vitality and Verve in the Third Dimension (Collective exhibition), Long Beach Museum of Art (Long Beach, USA, 2016) and Ex Situ, Pompidou Centre (Paris, France, 2013). Mark Jenkins has also participated to festivals and art projects such as City Leaks (Cologne, Germany, 2013), Bien Urbain (Besancon, France, 2013), White Walls (Beirut, Lebanon, 2013), Walk and Talk Festival (Azores, Portugal, 2013), Dublin Contemporary 2011 (Dublin, Ireland, 2011). He collaborated with Greenpeace in 2008 and curated Les Grandes Traversees festival in Bordeaux in 2010.

Related Exhibition

2501, Jef Aérosol, Paolo Buggiani, JonOne, L'Atlas, Mark Jenkins, Miaz Brothers, Shepard Fairey, StenLex
from 20th July 2019 till 18th August 2019
from Monday to Sunday 7pm – 11pm
Mark Jenkins, Rero
from 20th September 2017 till 28th October 2017
from Tuesday to Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM.
Mark Jenkins
from 17 March till 26 April 2012
from Tuesday to Saturday. 11am - 7pm

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