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Archives: Special Events Wunderkammern

Lumen Urban Show, September 2011

The WK Art Distinction award is a special mention created by Wunderkammern as part of its own activity of promotion of the young emergent creativity.

MAXXI at Wunderkammern, December 2010

MAXXI – National Museum of the Arts of the XXI Century is one of the most important realities of contemporary art in Rome. The collaboration

WK, Invader, Invasion of Rome, Roma 2010 & Other Curiosities, courtesy Wunderkammern

Invader – Rome 2010 & Other Curiosities

French artist known as Invader, that works on anonimity, arrived in Rome, redefining the urban texture of the eternal city by his small and pixellated

MACRO at Wunderkammern, March 2010

“Wunderkammern-Art Institutional Encounters” was a project dedicated to enhance the contemporary artistic research in the outskirts of Rome, through the presentation of important art institutions

Berlino del muro, November 2009

On November 2009 American artist Alexander Hamilton Auriema proposed to reconstruct a wall in Piazza San Lorenzo di Lucina for the 20th anniversary of the

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