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Myriam Laplante

Myriam Laplante artist is a Canadian artist born in Bangladesh in 1954, now based in Bevagna, Italy.

Myriam Laplante art: a parody of the world

The artist tends to explore the relationship between art and science in her practice which ranges from photography, painting, performance and installation. Her work is a parody of the world, cynical and absurd, melancholic and disorienting, that often emanates from a bizarre and fantastic imagery.

Laplante featured in Wunderkammern’s first ever exhibition which took place in 2008 at the venue in Rome. The event remained a conceptual opening throughout, allowing the artists to engage with their more poetic side whilst to also explore the comparison between the privacy of the home that houses the works, whilst also considering the exhibitionism of the artist and the cultural voyeurism of the visitor or cultured passer-by.

Most important exhibitions and festival

Her works have been presented extensively from squats to museums in Europe, North America, and Asia. Some notable exhibitions and events the artist has presented in are: Désastres, Museum of Modern Art, Odessa (Ukraine, 2019), ‘Mostre in Mostra’, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Roma in 2019, ‘The Notion of Absence’, Sub Rosa Space, Athens (Greece, 2019).‘Le Temps file’, Musée National des Beaux Arts du Québec and ‘La fenomenologia dell’assenza’, MACRO, Rome both in 2017. ‘The release of uncried tears’, Street Level festival, Helsinki 2015, TAXXI, MAXXI, Roma 2011, XIII Biennale Internazionale di CarraraNothing but Sculpture’ in 2008, ‘Lupus in fabula’, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rome 2007 and ‘The Wolves in Winter’, South London Gallery, London in 2006. She has been working with the performance collective Black Market International since 2001.

Related Exhibition

Raul Gabriel, Myriam Laplante, Adele Lotito, Sukran Moral, Maria Grazia Pontorno
from 18th October till 22nd November 2008
from Wednestady to Saturday, 5 – 8 PM

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