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Artists Categories: streetart

Richard Hambleton

Richard Art Hambleton (Vancouver, Canada, 1952 – New York, 2017) was a Canadian artist known for his work as a street artist. He was a


Sowat (Marseille, 1978) is a French screenwriter, film director and graffiti artist best known for his calligraffiti style and as a member of Da Mental Vaporz


Rero (1983) is a French artist, internationally known for his in situ works in the cities’ streets. Rero art: the “negation of the image” His

Remi Rough

Remi Rough (London, 1971) is one of the greatest exponents of the abstract current of Urban Art. Coming from the UK art scene of the


BR1 (Locri, Italy, 1984) graduated in Islamic Law from the University of Turin Law School in 2009; lives and works in Turin. Ephemeral actions in


Faith47 (Cape Town, 1979) is a South African artist established at an international level, renowned for her unique artworks that combine traditional graffiti and street

Robert Proch

Robert Proch (Bydgoszcz, Poland, 1986 – 2019) was undoubtedly one the most promising talents of the emerging Polish contemporary art scene. He attained a degree


MP5 is and Italian artist, born in Naples, who currently lives and works in Rome. She studied theatrical scenography in Bologna and animation at the


Davide Tinelli, also known as Atomo (1965), is an Italian artist from Milan. Atomo, artist by passion and profession Specialised in area of painting, he

Jef Aérosol

Jean-François Perroy (1957, Nantes), better known by his pseudonym Jef Aérosol, is an uncontested pioneer of the Urban Art movement and a leading figure of

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