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Author: Wunderkammern

Dan Witz Street Art

Dan Witz + Amnesty International

Here’s something you might not know about Dan Witz 😉 Amnesty International in 2013 involved the artist in a campaign to raise awareness for political

Borderlife – artist shock, Biancoshock

Here we are together again for a new insight! 😊This time we tell you the story of an artwork, Borderlife by the artist Biancoshock. Borderlife

Edoardo Tresoldi, matter and time

Welcome back to our Street Art Blog! Today we want to talk about one of the most important Italian artists at international level: Edoardo Tresoldi!

Tellas and “Herbarium”

Wunderkammern Gallery in Tor Pignattara, Rome The headquarters of the Wunderkammern gallery in Rome is in one of the most multi-ethnic and lively districts of

Aakash Nihalani’s game

Welcome back to our street art blog! Today we’ll talk about the artist Aakash Nihalani and his brilliant and playful artworks. Aakash Nihalani: biography Aakash

Invader’s stolen mosaics

“In removing mosaics these individuals are forced to destroy the piece and, for that, must purchase new ceramics to repair or recreate the work. I

The colours of the village – Aielli

Welcome back to our Street Art blog!If we say Aielli, what comes to mind?No idea? Let’s find out together! Aielli – history Aielli is a

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