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Author: Wunderkammern

Hôpital Éphémère

Welcome back to our street art blog! Today we will talk about a wonderful initiative that also involved one of our favorite artists: JonOne! It

JonOne Vibrations – book your visit

JonOne ⋅ Vibrations  8 September – 9 October Wunderkammern GalleryMilano, via Nerino 2, 20123 Free entrance, book your visit From 9 September to 9 October, the

Tellas Street Art Marni

Marni x Tellas

Today we want to tell you about the collaboration between Tellas and the fashion house Marni. Marni is a fashion house that was founded in

JonOne Street Art Hennessy

JonOne x Hennessy

Welcome back to our Street Art blog! Today we will talk about another very interesting collaboration: JonOne X Hennessy. French Cognac bottled in style. On

Jef Aerosol’s portraits

Welcome back to our Street Art blog! Today we want to talk to you about one of the most influential figures in our world: Jef

Honet x Prada

The multifaceted artist Honet has been called to realize a collaboration with one of the most important fashion brands in the world, the Italian Prada

JonOne x Tumi

“To me, TUMI is synonymous with travel, freedom and discovery of the world. Nowadays, environmental issues are at the heart of freedom and as such,

Tresoldy Academy: Cerimonia in Bologna

“Cerimonia gives life to a presence capable of expressing itself through its cyclicity, inserting itself in the process that already lives the space. The intervention,

Invader attacks Rome!

We have already told you about the works of Invader and his “hacking” within the city. Today we want to talk about one of his

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