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Author: Wunderkammern

Author: Wunderkammern

5 artworks by… Pure Evil!

Welcome back Street Art Lovers! Today we accompany you to discover the street artist Pure Evil and some of his artworks belonging to the Nightmare

JonOne and the works of ‘Sun-Downs’

Among the great masters of Street Art, we have often talked about one of the best-known artists in the world of graffiti: JonOne.This article is

D*Face: aPOPcalyptic art

The artist we will present to you today is one of the greatest internationally renowned street artists. With his unmistakable style, D*Face has become famous

The “Facciacce” by Esa

Hello, here we are back to our column dedicated to street art! Today’s artist could be considered one of the pillars of Italian rap music.

Masito: from music to street art

We are pleased to present you in today’s article, an icon of the Roman rap music scene who participated in the Wunderkammern Rome exhibition, not

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