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Author: Wunderkammern

Honet x Prada

The multifaceted artist Honet has been called to realize a collaboration with one of the most important fashion brands in the world, the Italian Prada

JonOne x Tumi

“To me, TUMI is synonymous with travel, freedom and discovery of the world. Nowadays, environmental issues are at the heart of freedom and as such,

Tresoldy Academy: Cerimonia in Bologna

“Cerimonia gives life to a presence capable of expressing itself through its cyclicity, inserting itself in the process that already lives the space. The intervention,

Invader attacks Rome!

We have already told you about the works of Invader and his “hacking” within the city. Today we want to talk about one of his

Cheap Festival

Welcome back with another article dedicated to Street Art! Today we want to talk about one of the most interesting Urban Art Festival, the Cheap

5 works by… JonOne

Welcome back Street Art lovers! Today we want to propose a special selection of one of our favorite artists… Here are 5 works by JonOne!

Shepard Fairey – We the People

Good morning Street Art Lovers! In this article we will tell you about one of Shepard Fairey‘s most important projects: We the People! Shepard Fairey

Dan Witz: American Baroque

“Baroque is the superlative of the bizarre, the excess of the ridiculous.” (Francesco Milizia, Dictionary of Fine Arts and Drawing) Baroque and street art. Two

Tavar Zawacki working on his studio

Tavar Zawacki: RISE ABOVE

Welcome back Street Art Lovers! Today on our Street Art blog we want to tell you about the talented artist Tavar Zawacki! Tavar Zawacki is

Emiliano Ponzi * Moleskine * Lamborghini

Welcome back to our Street Art blog 🙂 Today we want to tell you about another very interesting collaboration: Emiliano Ponzi x Moleskine x Lamborghini!

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