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Author: Wunderkammern

Author: Wunderkammern

L’Atlas x Fenty

Welcome back to our Street art blog! Today we will tell you about a unique collaboration…L’ATLAS X FENTY! In May 2019, L’Atlas created the logo

Emiliano Ponzi and books

Welcome back with a brand new article about one of the most important illustrators of his generation, Emiliano Ponzi! Emiliano Ponzi, originally from Emilia, lives

Paolo Buggiani – Art in motion

Today we are going to talk about the beginnings of street art. Artists such as Keith Haring or Basquiat revolutionized the art scene in the

Ludo: Nature’s Revenge

Welcome back Street Art Lovers!🤗Today on our Street Art blog we want to talk to you about the artist Ludo. Ludovic Vernhet, aka Ludo, was

Borondo: Expressionist Street Art

One of the most interesting artists of his generation, street artist Borondo has created works all over the world. Today, here on our Street Art

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