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Hogre (Rome) is the pseudonym of a street artist known and appreciated by the international public for his unauthorised interventions in public space. Hogre: biography


Masito – Massimiliano Piluzzi – (Rome, 1975) is a multifaceted artist, active as a writer since the late 1980s and as a rapper since the


Esa – Francesco Cellamaro – was born in Reggio Calabria in 1972. He is an artist appreciated in the world of rap, graffiti and painting.

Bo130_IllegalAlien_courtesy ofBo130


Bo130 (Milan, 1971) – born and raised in Milan in 1971, despite his academic studies – first in Italy at the Liceo Artistico, then in

the invisible world fragment_courtesy of Microbo


Microbo (Catania, 1970) defines herself as a citizen of planet Earth and a microbe of the universe. She currently lives and works in Milan. Microbo

Orticanoodles_Agli orti dell'Ortica_Ortica Memoria


Orticanoodles was born from the meeting of Walter Contipelli “Wally” (Carrara, 1977) and Alessandra Montanari “Alita” (Milan, 1975). It took his first steps on the


Biancoshock (Milan, Italy, 1982) is a mysterious conceptual and urban artist based in Milan, known for his ironic and provocative exhibitions and installations (over 900);

Tavar Zawacki

Tavar Zawacki (San Francisco, California, USA, 1981) is an American abstract artist based in Berlin, Germany. He was introduced to graffiti at the age of

Franco Fasoli JAZ

Franco Fasoli (Buenos Aires, 1981) AKA JAZ, is an Argentinian artist, among the first to make a change from Writing to Street Art. After his

The London Police

The London Police (Chaz Barrisson, 1974 and Bob Gibson, 1977) began their artistic career in 1998. Over the years they have received awards internationally for

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