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BOOMing Contemporary Art Show – Wunderkammern in Bologna!


Our concept

On the occasion of BOOMing Contemporary Art ShowWunderkammern presents a selection of artists who have written and are still writing the history of Urban Art.
The solo show is dedicated to Shepard Fairey, an American street artist whose effective and immediate style invites the viewer to take a civic position on socio-political issues.

The group exhibition presents some of the protagonists of the Italian and French scene who have marked the history of the movement with their innovations.
Special places are reserved for JonOne, whose style between abstract expressionism and writing helped bring Urban Art from New York to Paris, and Jef Aérosol, considered one of the fathers of Stencil Art together with Blek le Rat. Moving to Italy in the 2000s, key figures are Microbo and Bo130, artists linked to the world of graffiti and the Roman duo Sten Lex, who made a name for themselves by introducing the stencil poster, a completely new technique that takes the legacy of stencil and goes beyond it. And lastly, Masito and Esa, artists with multifaceted careers, whose works contain all their previous experience as musicians, rappers and writers. 

The fair
BOOMing Contemporary Art Show

BOOMing Contemporary Art Show is the new Italian contemporary art fair that has been taking place in Bologna during Art Week for the last two years. The protagonist of BOOMing is emerging art, not in reference to personal data but rather to the concept of emerging understood as the urgency to communicate, to come out, to emerge.
The Bolognese show aims to be a field of research in the making, capable of involving artists, professionals and the public in a concentration and condensation of forces that open up new perspectives and experiences.


BOOMing Contemporary Art Show is the first Italian meta-fair! Thanks to the opportunities offered by LIEU.city, the first social platform for art-related events in virtual reality, the fair lands in a virtual exhibition space where it is possible to interact with gallery owners, collectors, curators and organisers through the use of avatars.